Our Departments

The governing bodies of the Town of Winfall have over 28 years of experience. They understand the importance of addressing residents’ concerns and assign various departments to handle matters in our town efficiently. Please reach out to the following:

Town of Winfall

Town Office Personal

Preston White - Mayor

Office Manager/Finance Office/Clerk - Valerie Jackson

Office Manager Assistant - Debbie Jean Parker

Deputy Clerk - Elisha Washington

Roads & Ground Maintenance - Andre' Nixon

Sewer - Melvin Jackson

Town Councils

Debera Long

Arnetta Ormond

Valery McDonald

Cynthia Cunningham

Zoning Planning Board

Lewis Smith (Chairperson)

Residential Committee Members:

Philp Tetley

Alan Modlin

Robert Neal

Thomas Cordell

Cynthia Stallings

Robert Valentine

For contact, please call town office @252 426-5015

Town Attorney

High & Crowe LLP

Town Accountant

Richard Arnold